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Hham quiz1Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month starts NOW. 
An Underserved Medical Condition, 27% of Adults NEVER diagnosed, 
Excessive Sweating Nearly TRIPLES Anxiety & Depression Risks 

Hyperhidrosis (Hh) affects more than 365 million people worldwide, causing them (us!) to sweat four or five times more than what’s considered “normal,” “natural,” or necessary as a reaction to temperature, exertion, or stress. 

The impacts of this volume of (uncontrollable and unpredictable!) sweating range from:

  • Feelings of intense discomfort due to wet clothing, dripping perspiration, slippery skin, and chilling dampness, to...
  • Stigma, embarrassment and significantly increased risks of depression, anxiety and attention deficit disorder. Get involved. Take the sweat challenge!

Artboard 1 copy 11cme 2021 rice blogExciting “Firsts” at the 2021 Hyperhidrosis Master Class

Our 2021 Hyperhidrosis (Hh) Master Class, Hyperhidrosis: Comprehensive Review and Updates for Best Practices and Optimized Outcomes hit Atlanta on September 18, 2021. 

Invited by the Atlanta Association for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery (AADDS), the International Hyperhidrosis Society brought its one-of-a-kind, Hh-focused educational event directly to AADDS in-person as well as to virtual attendees (a first!) from all over the world, including Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Portugal, and throughout the United States.

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School’s in Session!

Sweat-Management Tips for Students & Families

Students from kindergarten to college are heading back at school. With the right support, students of all ages who experience excessive sweating can see improvements in their sweating and their day-to-day life. These useful school tips can help... 

Registration Now Open!Atlanta CME

The 2021 Hyperhidrosis (Hh) Master Class, Hyperhidrosis: Comprehensive Review and Updates for Best Practices and Optimized Outcomes is coming Sept. 18, 2021! This year, the International Hyperhidrosis Society has been invited by the Atlanta Association for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery (AADDS) to bring this one-of-a-kind, Hh-focused educational event to Atlanta for AADDS as well as a few non-AADDS clinicians (register asap!). Keep reading to learn more and register -- Hyperhidrosis:  Comprehensive Review and Updates for Best Practices and Optimized Outcomes

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Death of body builder leads to questions about how treatment for underarm sweating was handled
We are deeply saddened to learn that Odalis Santos Mena, a 23-year-old social media influencer, body-builder and fitness competitor, recently died of cardiac arrest while seeking treatment for underarm sweating. Not all the information about this case is publicly available, but here's what news outlets are saying and some important reminders...


Artboard 1 copy 2600Sweating Can Lead to Heat Rash: Here’s What To Do About the Prickly Problem

Extreme sweating can leave you feeling damp, embarrassed, slippery, and more. But when humidity levels and temperatures soar, sweating can also lead to an uncomfortable rash. Learn more about prickly heat, how to help prevent it, and how to care for it…



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Hyperhidrosis Research & Treatment:
There’s SO Much Going On

The world of hyperhidrosis research and treatment development is moving fast. In parts one and two of our 2021 Hyperhidrosis Research & Treatment Pipeline Report (find them in our other blogs), we cover EIGHT projects aimed at better care and understanding of excessive sweating. In this installment, you’ll find information about ten more important hyperhidrosis-related initiatives.

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