November 20th Hh TreatmentFact Check: Hyperhidrosis Treatments

It’s been a great month of raising awareness about excessive sweating! Thanks for all you’ve done so far to help us bust hyperhidrosis myths, misconceptions and misinformation. Keep it up! 

Today we are telling the truth about hyperhidrosis treatments and why they are so important.

Myth - Antiperspirants, powders and towels are the only way to deal with sweat

This couldn't be more wrong. Besides antiperspirants, there are actually at least seven other treatments for hyperhidrosis. These include: botulinum toxin injections, microwave technology, an in-office 3-minute patch, topical prescription wipes, oral medications, at-home iontophoresis devices, and laser as well surgical techniques.

There are also at least six more treatments in development as well as research being conducted on how to make currently available treatments even more effective.

Talk to a knowledgeable healthcare provider today and discover how you can better manage your sweating. 

Misconception - Like caffeine, antiperspirants are best used in the morning

Skip the bedtime espresso, but DO use your antiperspirant in the p.m. as well as in the a.m. 

Sweat production is at its lowest at night, giving the active ingredients in antiperspirants a better chance to get into your pores and block perspiration in the morning when you really get moving.

Want even better results from your antiperspirant?  Follow these tips:

  • Choose “clinical strength” or products that are designed for people with hyperhidrosis - like those listed among our Fan Fave Products
  • Gently massaging the antiperspirant into the skin may be useful.
  • Apply antiperspirant to completely dry skin. Dry your skin with a hair dryer on a cool setting or with a towel, if necessary.
  • Remember antiperspirants aren’t just for underarms - you can use them on other parts, too. If using on sensitive skin, test the product on a tiny patch first to make sure that it won’t cause irritation.
  • Use antiperspirants in combination with other treatments to strike the best balance for your sweat management. 

Misinformation - It’s not that important to treat hyperhidrosis

Actually, for the 385 million people worldwide living with excessive, uncontrollable, chronic sweating, effective treatment can significantly improve quality of life. 

Research shows that effective hyperhidrosis treatment can improve patients’ mental wellbeing, productivity and ability to participate in daily activities. Treatment also reduces the need to frequently change clothes. Additionally, effective treatment has been shown to improve self confidence, make handshakes possible and enable patients to wear a wider variety of clothing. In other studies, treatment helped people feel more satisfied in life and reduced social phobia, anxiety and depression. 

Fact - For many people with hyperhidrosis, treatment is necessary and there are lots of options and combinations available

Use our website to learn more. 

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