School Nurses, Pediatricians, Social Media Users Around the World, & More!

That’s a wrap! Thank you for being part of 2018’s Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month (#HhAwarenessMonth).

We accomplished so much, together, to help excessive sweating sufferers all over the world. Not only did we build awareness about the serious impacts of hyperhidrosis and the importance of research, options, and access, we also engaged with one another on a more personal level through social media and entries into our #MyHhStory Audio Project – building community and connections to fight the isolation and loneliness that can, too often, go hand-in-hand with living with extreme sweating.

Check out our November 2018 infographic to get all the details on Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month (HhAM) by the numbers.

Highlights include:

  • 170,000 healthcare professionals reached through our targeted public service announcements and educational ad placements in publications of the American Academy of Dermatology, American Academy of Pediatrics, Dermatology Nurses Association, National Association of School Nurses, and RNsights. 
  • 97,132 NEW visitors to and 101,000 total visitors from 206 different countries during November 2018 ALONE.
  • 321 school nurses checking out our website – and with the average school nurse caring for approximately 1,400 students, that’s 382,000 kids potentially now under the care of an Hh-aware RN!

Thanks again for making November our favorite month of the year!

But don't stop now!  We certainly won’t!  Please help us to keep the momentum going as we head into 2019 stronger than ever, and poised to make living with hyperhidrosis easier – through education, advocacy, research, and community.

In the mood to give back? Donate to IHhS and encourage your employer to match your donation… Our efforts go further when we have your support.

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