International Hyperhidrosis Society

Hyperhidrosis Clinician Awareness Campaign

We understand the importance of a team effort in order to effectively and compassionately address the needs of hyperhidrosis sufferers and their loved ones.

Crucial to this team are hyperhidrosis sufferers themselves, their friends and family, employers and workplaces, patient advocates (like us) and… the full range of healthcare providers. These include, but are not limited to: school nurses, other registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dermatologists, and more.

As part of Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2018, the International Hyperhidrosis Society ran clinical-facing advertisements and public service announcements in medical professional publications.

Our messages were to the audiences of the American Academy of Dermatology’s Dermatology World, the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP News, the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association, the National Association of School Nurses, and a wide range of specialties via the RNsights  platform. Here are some reasons why:

  • Pediatricians because hyperhidrosis often first manifests with extreme sweating symptoms during childhood or adolescence.
  • School nurses because hyperhidrosis can significantly impact school performance and students’ self-esteem.
  • Dermatologists because, while hyperhidrosis may originate in the nerves and brain, excessive sweating continues to be frequently treated as a disorder of the skin.
  • Dermatology nurses because they play a key role in documenting symptoms and advocating for effective patient care.
  • Nurse practitioners, physician assistants and others because a wide range of healthcare providers come into contact, albeit often unwittingly, with hyperhidrosis sufferers, and can improve quality of life for these patients if they know how. 

If you found us because of our clinical campaign, we’re thankful you’re here and glad you’re joining us — your work is invaluable to the prognosis of a hyperhidrosis sufferer. As a healthcare provider, you play a vital and meaningful role in a patient’s journey, and we’re here to help you stay up-to-date on best practices in hyperhidrosis management.

Resources include:

And, to help patients find you and your empathetic practice, be sure to register with the hyperhidrosis-focused Physician Finder.

Clinicians like you have the power to make a difference in hyperhidrosis patients’ lives. Thanks for being a part of Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2018!

Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month programs were made possible by unrestricted grants from the makers of Certain Dri, from Dermira and from the makers of miraDry

Hh Awareness Month Campaign Ads

NASN School Nurses Sage Journal Interstitial November 2018
RNsights NP Banner November 2018
RNsights RN Banner November 2018
RNsights PA Banner November 2018
 AAP News November 2018
AAD Dermatology World November 2018
AAD Dermatology World November 2018
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