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OPEN CALL: #MyHhStory AUDIO Project


Your Hyperhidrosis Story Could Be Selected for a PROFESSIONAL Recording & Archived in NEW IHhS AUDIO Library

If you have hyperhidrosis, it’s likely a part of your story — maybe a big part, maybe not. You tell us.

This Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month, contribute (scroll down for the entry form) to the International Hyperhidrosis Society's (IHhS') collection of permanent, uncensored and unscripted hyperhidrosis stories: stories from all walks of life that illustrate the significance, diversity and impact of hyperhidrosis. This is not about treatments, publicity or research; this is about building compassionate connections as a hyperhidrosis family and reinforcing empathy for generations to come.

At the end of November, a representative #MyHhStory will be selected to be the inaugural entry in the new IHhS AUDIO library and archived in the Library of Congress – forever – because, with 4.8% of the population affected by excessive sweating, the Hh story needs to be honored, documented and shared.

If you could share your story with one person who would it be? A family member who always hugged and held you anyway? The first person to understand? Your partner, who opens jars and doors when you can’t? The friend you’ve been hiding hyperhidrosis from?

The contributor of our lead story, and a companion storyteller of their choice — someone who can somehow participate in the #MyHhStory-telling — will travel to meet with the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHhS) and record their story live in a conversational interview. Recording will occur during the first quarter of 2019. Travel and accommodations will be provided by IHhS.

The interview will be the first entry in IHhS' new audio library and archived in the Library of Congress so that future generations can learn about hyperhidrosis and its impact. The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world with more than 167 million items on approximately 838 miles of bookshelves. It's home to the most comprehensive record of human creativity and knowledge and you can help us make sure that a hyperhidrosis story gets included! 

ENTRY FORM BELOW. SCROLL DOWN NOW. Submission deadline is 11:59pm PST on Friday, November 30, 2018. Email any questions to

As mentioned above, regardless of whether you're THE ONE or not, your Hh story is valuable and unique and poised to help others. So much so, we'll add it to our public, lasting written collection here, as well. Past #MyHhStory excerpts give sufferers a place to connect and feel understood and help allies to better understand this journey. By adding your story, you'll help further inform what we know about the hyperhidrosis experience, help others to feel less alone, and shape the work we do in the future. Indeed, Hh stories are for and part of all of us – the tellers and the listeners. Thank you for sharing!

#MyHhStory Audio Project is designed as a recorded dialogue between you and one other person. It can be a conversation, questions and answers, or any other conversational format you think is the best way to share your personal story. The International Hyperhidrosis Society will accompany, support, and help guide our #MyHhStory Audio Project storyteller throughout. We are in this together. <3


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Important Submission Information
Thank you in advance for sharing your writing with the International Hyperhidrosis Society. Your comments and stories of experiences are deeply appreciated and treasured. As you write, please recognize that the International Hyperhidrosis Society reserves the right to edit submissions for space and other reasons and stories may be published or otherwise used in any medium. Such use however, is always in keeping with our privacy policy and your privacy is important to us and respected. We will not use your full name without express permission from you. All submissions become property of the International Hyperhidrosis Society. The selected #MyHhStory audio project author will need to be comfortable with having her/his voice recorded and made available to the public, and her/his first name, at least, to be used.

The #MyHhStory AUDIO project is made possible by unrestricted grants from the makers of Certain Dri. The makers of Certain Dri are also providing unrestricted grants to support Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month overall.


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