Hyperhidrosis Community Spoke – It’s Time Now for Everyone Else to Listen

For too long, the voices of hyperhidrosis sufferers have been either silenced or dismissed. But thanks to the help and bravery of our  community here at the International Hyperhidrosis Society, we are changing that! 

We’ve just released our official report called The Voice of the Hyperhidrosis Sufferer  that’s going to help raise awareness and understanding of the true burden of hyperhidrosis. This report is a product of the first patient-focused meeting on hyperhidrosis, and it will help to influence decision-makers, clinicians, researchers and innovators for many years to come!

As you likely remember, in November 2017, the International Hyperhidrosis Society hosted a ground-breaking Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) meeting on hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis sufferers were the Experts at the PFDD, and courageously shared their journeys and struggles. Representatives from the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, medical device makers and product innovators listened and learned about what it’s truly like to have hyperhidrosis, how the medical system often fails sufferers, and the types of treatment options that are desperately needed for the future.

The PFDD was a major moment in our hyperhidrosis history, and we are so grateful for the for support, honesty, commitment, compassion, and empowerment that has flowed from it. Indeed, the PFDD was just the start. Now, by hearing the voices in the resulting report -- the voices of the hyperhidrosis community -- we can navigate the road ahead and show the world what success looks like for us!

As you read the pages that follow, know that all personally-affected hyperhidrosis sufferers (we call them “experts” and “advocates”) were encouraged to contribute to the dialogue – whether they were seated on stage, in the audience, at home on their computers, or submitting their perspectives through our open comment period. Discussion focused on hyperhidrosis impacts, treatments, and research with an emphasis on constructive, forward-thinking conversation and information sharing.

The views expressed were personal; the stories shared were intimate. Members of our hyperhidrosis community participated with candor to teach. FDA regulators listened, and industry innovators learned. The meeting, the subsequent comments, the creation and dissemination of this report, the path that unfolds now ahead of us... each is part of the process to move us forward. 

The conversation continues and the voices generously shared in this report echo with strength and dignity. Hyperhidrosis sufferers’ words about their struggles must remain top of mind to guide us in building a better future.

Please review and SHARE the official International Hyperhidrosis Society Voice of the Hyperhidrosis Sufferer– print it, download it, tweet about it, email it, read it out loud on your YouTube channel, do a podcast about it, share it with your local school nurse, leave it on your coffee table so guests can see it, drop it off at your doctor’s office  – whatever it takes! (Of course, when being social, remember to tag us: Facebook @SweatingStopsHere and Twitter @WeKnowSweat.)

We must succeed so that all hyperhidrosis sufferers’ lights can shine brightly, without the burden of excessive sweating and all that goes with it. They—we—deserve that.

The International Hyperhidrosis Society is sincerely thankful for the generous support and trust of Dermira, RA Fischer, Brickell Biotech, Hidrex USA, and private donors for making our collective landmark initiative possible.

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