Sharing, Loving & Sweating this Valentine’s Day

What are you doing this Valentine's Day? Taking our new poll? 

More than 55% of people in 28 countries say they are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, according to an Ipsos poll. An intimate dinner at home will be a popular choice with 41% of people saying that’s how they’ll honor the day, while 35% will have a romantic night out.

• 34% plan to buy or give chocolate or candy, 28% flowers, and 20% fragrance or perfume

• 33% plan to make love

Which brings us to sweating… Most people do sweat (at least a little) during sex and that makes sense because you are burning calories during physical intimacy (about 4 calories per minute for men and 3 calories per minute for women). Besides the slight calorie burn, sweat has other benefits in the bedroom, too. According to a study

from the University of Berkeley, smelling sweat can boost arousal. Sweat also reduces friction.

What else do we need to know about sweat and love in the hyperhidrosis community?

In between your chocolate, candy, flowers, and perfume shopping – and anything else you might be getting up (or down) to this Valentine’s Day we hope you’ll take this quickie Sweat & Love Survey 

We're always trying to #KnowSweat better. Thanks for helping us so we can keep helping you!


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