Sweat, Valentine’s Day, and Romance: Here’s How to Handle It with Style

It’s back. Valentine’s Day. We aren’t really ready, but we’re facing it head-on and giving you info to handle it with style, grace and (if you’re feeling it)… love.

Our first tip for Valentine’s Day is to remember some cool things about sweating and romance:

  • Sweat can turn on your partner. That’s right, according to a study from the University of Berkeley, smelling sweat can boost arousal.
  • Sweat can be a sign you’re falling in love.
  • Sweat reduces friction in the bedroom. Literally. Yup. We said that.

Of course, while sweat has some good qualities, it still doesn’t always look or feel great (understatement of the year) and so many of us are in a constant quest to vanquish sweating on any given day. Valentine’s Day ups the ante. Which is why we have these tips to help:

1) Find the right antiperspirant. There are options for hands, feet, faces, underarms, and more. Check out all the options listed here

2) Sweat-guard your outfit with moisture-beating shoe liners, undershirts, dress shirts, urban wear, and more.

3) If things get hot, make sure you have the right sheets. There are great options to temperature regulate and moisture wick in the bedroom… more on that in #4.

4) When things get going, know that fans can be pointed anywhere and there are such things as adult toys that you can pre-chill in the refrigerator as well as cooling lube gels and massage oils. The shower is also a great option, and you can make it safer with suction-cup handles for balance and leverage. Partners not always necessary.

5) Love thyself and finally get real treatment for real sweating. Find a physician (or NP or PA) who really knows the deal about hyperhidrosis.

Wishing you love every day.


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