Watch #MyHhStory Documentary

Our First #MyHhStory Video 

Caryn Toriaga is a successful professional flutist in New York City. She’s also a lifetime hyperhidrosis sufferer.

Uncensored and unscripted, we've debuted Caryn's hyperhidrosis story here as part of Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2018. Watch and discover struggle, talent, perseverance, and hope. Then, please share the video with friends, family and anyone who doesn't yet understand the real impact of excessive sweating on lives and aspirations.

We hope this is the first of many such hyperhidrosis documentary stories: stories from all walks of life that illustrate the significance, diversity and impact of hyperhidrosis.

Our goal is to build connection and foster feelings of "I can relate." Let us know how we're doing! 

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Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2018 programs were made possible by unrestricted grants from the makers of Certain Dri, from Dermira  and from the makers of miraDry.

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