Med Journal Devotes Entire Issue to Hyperhidrosis

 Want all the latest clinical research and recommendations regarding hyperhidrosis in one handy package?

The medical journal Dermatologic Clinics has dedicated nearly 600 pages to excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) including its prevalence, hyperhidrosis diagnosis, and full array of hyperhidrosis treatment options.

“The fact that the publishers of Dermatologic Clinics devoted a whole issue to hyperhidrosis is indication that there is considerable interest in the topic both by health care providers and patient sufferers alike,” says Dr. David Pariser, Secretary and Founding Member of the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHHS) and Professor, Department of Dermatology, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia. Dr. Pariser is also editor of the issue and author of a number of its articles.

“The goal of the issue,” Pariser adds, “was to put in one place all the current knowledge about etiology, incidence, and quality of life issues and to fully discuss all the current and emerging treatments for this condition. The topics selected are largely based on the curriculum of the IHHS's highly successful ‘Master Classes’ in hyperhidrosis and the authors are current IHHS Board members and current and past faculty of the ‘Master Class.’”

Dermatologic Clinics is written primarily for dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons, but people with excessive sweating and other healthcare providers will find the articles useful, too. There are 14 articles in sum, including full discussion of current treatment options, efficacy data, and best practices for optimal results. Patients and physicians who are comparing treatments will find the issue a helpful resource for data on the effectiveness, duration of sweat-reduction, and side effects of different therapies. Practical and economical aspects of incorporating the diagnosis and management of excessive sweating into a busy dermatology clinic are also discussed.

Order copies of the entire issue or specific articles by registering with Articles cost about $30. Medical libraries may, however, have print editions available for reference or free online access. (Find your local medical library and speak to a librarian.)

“My hope,” says Pariser, “is that this volume will continue to raise awareness of the disease and its treatment. I further hope that in a short time the treatment recommendations in the volume will become obsolete due to advances in therapy.”

"Hyperhidrosis is beginning to get the attention that it warrants as a serious, debilitating medical condition, akin to psoriasis, acne, and melanoma," says Lisa J. Pieretti, Co-Founder, Executive Director of the International Hyperhidrosis Society and author of the article "Resources for Hyperhidrosis Sufferers, Patients, and Health Care Providers" in the Dermatologic Clinics hyperhidrosis edition. "Too many people suffer with this treatable condition but the comprehensive Dermatologic Clinics articles can really help encourage faster diagnosis and more effective treatment. We are so gratified to have been a part its publication."

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For the latest news on treatment advances and clinical trials in hyperhidrosis, keep visiting and reading this blog. The future is quite bright!

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