Registration: Hyperhidrosis Educational Seminars Deliver Intense Learning Experiences

Seminars are a crucial component in the IHHS’s ongoing mission to provide excellent hyperhidrosis care for people around the world. No matter how tight the IHHS annual budget, these unique learning events remain a priority because they have proven to be great investments. Conducting them guarantees that more medical professionals will gain a further understanding of the condition, which will enable them to offer the best treatment for more hyperhidrosis patients around the world.

Given the value and the rarity of these sessions, spaces go quickly. We remind all healthcare professionals to register for events in a timely fashion.

Our classes encompass the full scope of hyperhidrosis care. Attendees leave the seminars with expert knowledge and are able to identify and administer the proper treatments for all focal areas affected by hyperhidrosis. Healthcare professionals also attain a better understanding of how excessive sweating influences a sufferer’s quality of life. Staff personnel receive all the tools and training necessary to incorporate hyperhidrosis care seamlessly into medical practices.

Several features distinguish this learning experience. The inclusion of live-patient demonstrations in the teaching allows both participants and observers to experience first-hand the treatment methodologies for excessive sweating. This includes not only state-of-the-art treatment techniques, like administering Botox injections, but also emerging treatments and tried-and-true methods, like iontophoresis. Patients with all types of focal hyperhidrosis will be treated; this type of exposure to such a variety of treatment modalities is an exceptional opportunity to learn.

Also setting our educational events apart is the faculty. Two of the premier experts in hyperhidrosis care often lead the instruction: Dee Anna Glaser MD, FAAD (Chair) and David M. Pariser, MD, FACP, FAAD (Co-Chair). These are two of the world’s leading authorities on hyperhidrosis and have been treating and advocating for patients with excessive sweating for over 20 years. In addition, Samantha Hill, MD often join us. Dr. Hill, a pediatric dermatologist, has a special understanding of hyperhidrosis. She grew up with and still suffers with excessive sweating and brings her personal experiences to her work to  improve the lives of children who have hyperhidrosis

The expertise of these doctors, combined with deliberately small groups, ensures that our 1-day seminars deliver a high-impact education. Topping it off is type of setting we choose. 

Typical programs include a Saturday seminar with a lecture and discussion in the morning; live-patient Botox injections and iontophoresis treatment demonstrations in the afternoon. Multiple focal areas of hyperhidrosis are treated.

We urge all medical professionals to register for educational events early (remember: office staff of registered physicians may attend at no charge!).